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Hey Guys,
My name is Swapnil and my major identity has been that of A Die Hard Salman Fan. And I am actually proud of it. It has been more than two decades that I carry this identity. Just like other fans of Salman, I too watch his every movie on the very first day. Even when Google had not born, I had and even today, have this group on Yahoo by the same name, Salman’s Die Hards.
Salman has been an inspiration and motivation for me and I am sure for millions of other fans. He has gone through the hell and come back victorious. He is a fighter. I don’t think anyone else could cope up with what he went through. But as the saying goes, God helps those who help themselves. Salman is one of them.
I always wanted to write about Salman but fate never allowed me to do that in the past. Now I can write and write a lot. I don’t need contents, unlike other authors. It is all in head printed for years and I know exactly what fans of Salman would love to read.
I intend to make this blog the best place for all Salman Khan fans and those who admire him. This blog won’t be like some news portal. It will have posts about different movies, songs, his dance style, hairstyles. I know already, there are millions of articles out there but not many of them are from Salman fan’s point of view. If you really are a Salman fan, you will feel like you are reading your own feelings while reading every article on this blog. And that’s the promise.
Enjoy every article of it. Spread it all across the globe. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so that you won’t be missing any of the articles. Never stop loving Salman!
Swapnil, The Salman’s Die Hard

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