Sad songs of Salman Khan

Sad Songs of Salman (Top 10)

Salman Khan has given numerous romantic hits. Now when we talk about romance, we have to talk about heartbreaks too, right? Ever since Salman has debuted, there is no dearth of love stories, Salman has acted in. No matter what his haters or critics say, Salman has made us cry many times. Not just scenes, but some of the saddest songs of Bollywood are filmed on Salman Khan. And Salman has done his job perfectly that is to make us cry. Top sad songs of Salman will surely make your heart heavy and eyes watery. You need to have a glass of water beside you before you watch some of the sad songs of Salman Khan.

I am sure about the order of songs I have placed from no. 10 to no. 5. But I accept that I could not be sure, which one is number one , two, three or four from last four songs I have mentioned. No matter how many times I watched these songs, they make my throat go dry. Please let me know in comments, which one you think is the saddest of these 2. So here is the list of top 10 sad songs of Salman Khan.

10. Sun Dilruba from Patthar Ke Phool

Sung by S.P.Balsubramanium and music by Ram-Laxman, this song is from Salman’s early hit movie Pathar Ke Phool. Salman was paired opposite bubbly Ravina Tondon. ‘Kabhi Tu Chaliya Lagta hai’ was possibly the best song of that year for chemistry of Salman and Ravina but Sun Dilruba mentioned above made us emotional if not cry. That is why it is placed at number 10.

9. Teri Meri from movie Bodyguard

This hit movie of Salman Khan from 2011 earned big bucks at box office. Music by Himesh Reshamiya was one of the very important factor behind the success of movie. Song ‘Teri Meri’ was the best one. Even though the song did not have that traditional sad tune to it but lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed and voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shreya Ghosal added that sad feel to the song. Salman had that perfect expression through out the song even when Kareena was shown like girl in the dream, smiling. 

8. Sainyara from Ek Tha Tiger

Bhai has one of the best on-screen chemistry with Katrina and this movie just proved that. ‘Sainyara’ was placed at the right time in the movie that make this song even more likable. Salman looked and acted so mature in this song. He has depicted the pain of la lover sepearted by the situation very well. This soft and slow song is one of my all time favorite.

7. Jiye to Jiye Kaise from Saajan

Saajan was one of the most mature love story of 90’s. Compare to Madhuri’s and Sanjay Dutt’s, Salman’s role was  not of a mature lover but he had his share of credit for the success of the film. This song, ‘Jiye to Jiye kaise’ will be remembered for the decades to come for all three of them brilliantly showing the pain of the respective characters. Salman looked sad yet handsome in that black full sleeves T-shirt. Enjoy the song!

6. Kyonki from movie Kyonki

“Maya mat jao, Maya wapis aa jao, maaya” Salman shouting this in this song, all of a sudden broke my heart. Seriously it was heart breaking to see Salman running around trees looking for ‘Maya’. Yes, Kyonki did not do well at box office but songs of this movie were awsome. Reason why movie did not do well is simple, people especially fans of Bhai do not like to see their hero so vulnerable. This has been a reason for failure of many movies, recent being Tubelight. This sad version of song. ‘Kyonki’ was high point of the movie I guess. Enjoy the Song.

5. Tu Mila De from movie Sawan

Only thing one can remember from this very forgettable movie is this song. At least for me it is so. Salman playing guest role, he just made this song unforgettable. Wearing simple jeans and T-shirt wasn’t really ideal dress code for this song but his hair style made all the difference. And anyway Salman can look good in any dress. Here is the song.

4. Sau dard hai from movie Jaan-E-Mann

This was one of the sweetest movie of Salman ever. Funny, crisp and wholesome family entertainer. Music was by Anu Malik and he deserved 10 out of 10 for it. Title Song, ‘Humko Malum Hai, Ishq masum hai was sweetest and funniest too including it’s lyrics. But ‘Sau Dard’ was exactly opposite of it. It is one of the saddest song I love. Realizing he has daughter, Salman crying like a baby right in the street surely melted many hearts. You just feel for him. Get glass of water and watch the song.

3. Tune Saath Jo mera Chhoda from Tere Naam

This movie was really a milestone in Salman’s career. His performance in this movie was a tight slap on the face of all those who thought Salman can’t act. This was truly a classic movie at par with Sadma and recent marathi movie, ‘Sairat’. It was just not the ending but whole second part of movie except the song, ‘Odhani’ makes your heart cry for Radhye. This particular song, even though being sad, give audience hope of Radhye re-uniting with his love, Nirjala. But at the end, audience left with numb brain. This is the song.

1.Kyon Kisi ko wafa ke badle from Tere Naam

I know , I know this is the second song I am listing out from the same movie, Tere Naam. Because we are talking sad songs of Salman and list will be incomplete if I don’t mention this song. This was highlight of the second part of movie. Watching Salman with other mentally unstable people in assylum, in grief of seperation from his love was really too much to bear. I could actually hear people people sobbing in the cinema hall. Watch it to know what I am talking about.

Before we talk about the possibly the best sad song of Salman, lets read some of the comments for this video. There are thousands of such comments. All heart broken people come and watch this song and pour their heart out . Such is the song.

Tadap tadap ke

1.Tadap Tadap Ke

I am sure you have already guessed it right. Yes, the song is ‘Tadap Tadap ke’ from movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.Check the Salman at 3:59 . Won’t it melt the hardest heart in the world? Have nothing to say more about the song. Watch it and feel it yourself.

I hope I have done ok job listing out top 10 sad songs of Salman. I hope you liked it. Do not forget to subscribe and remember, this is an exclusive Salman Khan blog. If you like the blog, please share. If you are a fan of Bhai, you can join the our official Facebook group, ‘Salman’s Die Hard‘.  Ciao!

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