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Dedicated to all Salman Khan’s Die Hard Fans

Salman Khan

Salman Khan! This name is possibly one of the most controversial names in the whole world. At the same time, one who owns it is one of the most loved persons in the world for a reason.

It was never and it will never be easy to be a Salman Khan fan. Someone somewhere said, “Others have fans, Salman Khan has devotees.” So true!  This man has many sides. There was a time when he was one of the most controversial actors in the Bollywood (maybe even today) but he was always loved by his industry buddies and his fans and most importantly his family.

I don’t think any other celebrity had this many encounters with the controversies this man had. Be it black buck, accident, fights with producers & industry buddies, controversial statements or his lady loves. The list is endless and you know it too. But the million dollar question is why he still one of the most popular and loved Bollywood personalities, even today?

Why Salman Khan is so popular?

There are too many answers to the above questions. If we have to summarize all together, the answer will be, He is what he is. Yes, that is the exact reason.  Media itself called Salman ‘Media’s favorite punching bag’ but never stopped bashing Salman with all those negative articles.

I remember myself buying Stardust, Film fare and many other magazines every month (Internet was not so common or accessible at that time). You would be surprised to know the reason. Those were the days when every print media house enjoyed good readership when they bashed Salman Khan in their articles. I still used to buy it because I knew along with bashing Salman, there were few stray mentions of him in good light and that was enough for me to buy those magazines. I am sure this was the story of every diehard fan of Salman. We were always ready to defend him, every time he was shown in the bad light. To be honest, I haven’t really got the answer to this question, why?

I think there is human psychology at the play here. When many people start writing negative stuff about one good person and if you have even little admiration for this person, you start having sympathy for him/her. Constant bashing by media turned this sympathy in love, undying love for him. And yes, he deserved all that.

Salman Khan is what he is.

In past, he has behaved badly off course as per his critics. He is a human being and if anyone expects him to behave well all the time really, he won’t remain a human being anymore. I know many Bollywood personalities behave well in public all the time but are they really that nice in their personal lives also. The answer is maybe or maybe not. Why many journalists chose to talk negatively is because he always behaved the way he naturally would. Many did not like it. He received bad publicity all these years for this very reason. But he also earned millions of crazy fans for the same.

Fortunately, it is not the same situation now. Anyway, once he himself said, “Love me or hate me, you simply cannot ignore me.” So true! We fans, his diehards would always love him for what he is. Did I mention the heart of gold yet?

Haters stay away!

This first post of mine should give you a clear idea of what this blog will be all about. So haters, please stay away. You are not going to like a bit of it and that is ok. That has always been ok with us for decades. Nothing is changed except that Salman’s popularity has skyrocketed and that’s a good thing, right?

It is the first post so I will keep it short. Join our Official Facebook Group, Salman’s Die Hards so that we can all share our opinions, images, videos and lot more. Subscribe to the blog to read all about Salman, his family, his movies, his song and even his dance and hairstyles too from a diehard fan’s point of view. If you wish to contact me, please feel free. Stay blessed!

Message to Salman Khan fans. Never stop loving Salman!



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  2. Sanket khuniya

    Salman khan one of the best actor! Being human he has created the brand! Salman naam hi kaafi hai!😎

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